Once you've built your collection, it's time to share it!  Your payers will not be able to find your collection by visiting cheddarup.com. Instead, you'll need to copy your unique URL and share it via your own communication channels, or send them an invitation email via Cheddar Up (with the link embedded).

Publish your collection

Prior to sharing your collection, you'll first need to Publish it. This involves simply clicking the "Publish" button on the Share step (get ready for some confetti!).

Prior to publishing your collection, only you (as a logged in user) will be able to preview your page. But as soon as you click "Publish", you'll receive your public URL, which you can share with anyone! If you've added premium features to your collection while building it, you'll be prompted to upgrade to a premium plan prior to publishing your page. If you do not wish to upgrade, you will be able to easily see which features are premium, allowing you to remove those features in order to publish your page.  

Four ways to share a collection

Once your page is published, from the Share step, there are four main ways to share your collection, including: 

    1. Share your unique URL: From the Share step, you can customize and copy your unique collection page URL and share it however and wherever you wish (via social media, email, text message, website, etc. Whatever channels you use for normal communication with your group or community is a great way to share your unique URL). 
    2. Share with a QR code: From the Share step, you can also quickly generate a QR code that allows you to share your collection page with your community. Simply click the "Create a QR Code" button and you'll see your QR code. A QR code is great to include in emails and flyers for easy access.

    3. Share with a Cheddar Up invitation: From the Share step, you can use Cheddar Up’s Message Center to type a message and add recipients to send an invitation to people to view your collection. Click the "Send a Custom Invitation" button to send an invite. Learn more about our Message Center here
    4. Share with an embedded button: From the Share step, you can embed a "Pay Now with Cheddar Up" button on your website that will link to your collection. Do this by clicking "Add a Website Button" button and then copying the code snippet provided. 

Quick Tip

Keep in mind that you can edit your collection url to make it shorter or more recognizable by clicking "Edit Link". Learn more here