Create items on your collection

Items are added in the second step when building a collection. Items are anything someone can pay for (and have a cost associated with them). There are many ways to create and customize items, which this article will cover. 

Build an item

  1. From Build > Items, select "Add Item".
  2. Give your item a name. This can be anything (e.g., dues, t-shirt, registration, etc.).
  3. Select the price structure for your item. You can choose from a fixed amount or an open amount (where the payer decides the amount). You can also choose to create a recurring payment amount, which is discussed in more detail here.
  4. You can click "Save Item" at this point, or explore additional advanced settings as described below. 

See it in action:

Advanced item settings

There are many ways to customize your item including:

  • Show a quantity selector: This allows payers to add more than one of an item to their cart at a time.
  • Set available quantity: If you have a limited number of items, you can set that quantity here. The system will count down as items are sold and display "Sold Out" when all available items have been purchased.
  • Make available quantity public: This setting displays the number of available items on the collection for payers to see.
  • Make item required: If every payer visiting your collection needs to purchase a specific item, you can make your item required. Payers will not be able to advance to checkout without this required item in their cart.

Images and description

  • Provide additional information about your item using a text description with robust formatting options.
  • You can add one item image on the Basic plan. Or, upgrade to the Pro plan and add three item images. If your item uses item variations, you can add an unlimited number of item images. 
  • We recommend item image files of 360 X 360 pixels. Item images may be cropped to 225 x 225 pixels on your collection, depending on device. Payers can view the entire image by clicking on the thumbnail image, or by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. 
  • Item image files must be .JPG or .PNG format.

Item questions

  • If there is a need to collect information from the payer when they select an item, you can add item questions. Examples of an item question might include size or color options or information such as payer name, age, etc. Learn more about all the ways to collect information on Cheddar Up here.