See who visited your collection

A Visitor Report is often used by organizers who are selling something and want to follow up with those who visited but didn't make a payment. It's also a great way to grow your marketing or client list.

Two sides of the visitor report

There are two sides to Cheddar Up's "Visitor Report" feature:

  1. Payer facing: When you upgrade to Cheddar Up’s Pro plan, the Visitor Report feature is available and can be turned on within Build > Settings. Toggling this feature on adds a special view to your collection that requires all visitors to enter their name and email address before being able to view the items on your collection. Once they enter their name and email, they "gain access!" and can then view your collection like normal. 

  2. Organizer report: The output of collecting all of this information is an actual "Visitor Report" that the organizer can access from the Manage view, by going to Manage > Visitors. On this report, organizers can see not only the name and email of those who visited their collection, but also the date of their first and last visit and the number of times each individual visited the collection. The organizer can view this report online and can also download an excel export of the Visitor Report.