Manage all your collections

After logging into your Cheddar Up account, you'll land on your Collections Dashboard page. This is where you can see an overview of all your collections and perform a variety of important functions.

Key actions to manage your collections

To the right of each collection, you'll see three dots, and upon clicking those dots, you'll reveal a drop-down menu, including: 

This allows you to edit your collection, letting you move through the various steps to edit your collection name, image or description, as well as your items, forms or collection settings.
This takes you to the Manage view of the collection where you can see your total collected, see payer information, issue refunds, export reports and withdraw funds.
Copy URL
This will simply copy your collection URL so you can view or share it.
This creates a copy of the collection. Everything about the collection is copied expect for payment data. This is a great way to start fresh for a new year, event, sale, etc. Once you've made a copy of the collection, you can make edits as necessary (i.e., change dates, contact information, amounts, etc.), and you're ready to roll.
Closing a collection makes it inactive, which means you can no longer receive payments on it. When a collection is closed, if someone visits your page, they will still see the title and a banner image, but they will not be able to see any items, and the collection will have a notation stating that the "collection is closed". When a collection is closed, all of reporting for that collection remains intact. Organizers can re-open a collection at any time from the same drop-down menu.
This deletes the collection (the page itself as well as all payer data and information) and cannot be undone.

Create Folders

Whenever you create a collection, it will be placed into a folder. You will always have a default folder called "Collections". While you can never delete this folder, you can rename this default folder and create new folders. Creating new folders is a great way to archive or organize your collections. Whichever folder is highlighted upon clicking the orange "Create a Collection" button, is the folder in which that collection will preside.

You can move collections in and out of folders by clicking the checkbox next to a collection (or multiple collections) and then clicking the "Move to Folder" drop down, which allows you to select a folder. 

Bulk Actions

Keep in mind that you can use the check boxes to the left of each collection to perform bulk actions. For example, if you wish to delete, close, or move multiple collections, simply check the box next to each collection and use the actions at the top of your collection list to apply an action to all selected collections.