Ways to collect information on a collection

Collecting information along with payments is Cheddar Up’s specialty! There are three ways to capture information on Cheddar Up - forms, waivers and item questions. Depending on what you're collecting for, you may use none, one or all of these methods. This guide discusses how to build them as well as examples of each.



Information collected in a form should be information that is needed from every payer on your collection despite what items they add to their cart. Take the following steps to build a form: 

  1. From Build > Forms, click "Add Form" from the left-hand menu.
  2. Give your form a nameand an optional description.
  3. Click "Add Question" and select a question type from the drop-down menu of questions.
  4. Continue to add questions until you have completed all fields for your form.

See it in action:


Waivers are considered a type of form and are also added from Build > Forms. Whenever you add a waiver to your collection, there will also automatically be four required fields added below your waiver text, including: first name, last name, date and e-signature. 

  1. From Build > Forms, click "Add Waiver".
  2. Give your waiver a name.
  3. Paste or type your waiver copy into the text field.  Use the formatting tools to create line breaks or other formatting.
  4. Click "Save Waiver".

 See it in action:

Item questions

Item questions are like mini-forms added to a specific item.  You'll want to capture information here that is specific to an item or to the payers who select an item. Six question types are available for item questions, including: open text, multiple choice, check boxes, date, phone number, and time. 

  1. From Build > Items, click "Add Item" and add an item to your collection.
  2. Give the item a name and select an amount type.
  3. From the left-hand menu, on the "Add Item" modal, click "Item Questions".
  4. Build your questions one at a time.

See it in action: 

These collections use the three different methods for collecting information.