Set up and use your card reader

Congrats! You've ordered one of the snazziest mobile card readers available today. This guide will help you learn more about your new device so you can start collecting point-of-sale payments.


What's in the box

First things first, here's what you'll receive when your card reader is delivered:  

  • Card reader
  • USB charging cable (for charging only)


About your card reader
The Cheddar Up card reader is great for roaming checkout set-ups and mobile devices, it:

  • Works with iOS and Android devices
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Accepts tap, swipe, and dip payments

The Cheddar Up card reader is a battery-powered Bluetooth reader for your mobile devices. It supports EMV chip and tap transactions, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and magnetic-stripe swipes. The reader connects to iOS or Android over Bluetooth.

Connect to your card reader
The easiest way to learn the ins and outs of connecting to your Bluetooth card reader is to download and print our Getting Started with Your Card Reader Guide. One of the most important steps when connecting to the card reader is to make sure that you DO NOT connect the card reader within your device's Bluetooth settings. Instead, connect the reader within the Cheddar Up mobile app's point-of-sale flow. You'll find more on this in the guide below.  

Getting Started with Your Card Reader Guide 

Reader Guide for M2 Readers    Reader Guide for BBPOS Readers (discontinued)

Accept your first point-of-sale payment
The easiest way  to understand the entire flow of accepting point-of-sale payments on the Cheddar Up mobile app is to download the Step-by-Step Point-of-Sale Payment Guides below. There is one guide for account owners and another guide for Event Code users. These guides will walk you through accepting your first payment. You can also reference this article

Step-by-Step Point-of-Sale Payment Guide 

Guide for Account Owners    Guide for Event Code Users


Common Questions

What do I do if my reader will not connect?
If your reader will not connect, there's likely a valid (and fixable!) reason for it. Reference our "Getting Started with Your Card Reader Guide" (M2 | BBPOS) for troubleshooting tips. In addition, the most common reasons why a reader will not connect are because Bluetooth is not toggled on within device settings, or because the reader was paired within device settings instead of within the Cheddar Up POS payment flow. The guide mentioned above will walk you through all possibilities and will help you troubleshoot.
What's the best way to train others on using the card reader?
We highly recommend downloading our our "Getting Started with Your Card Reader Guide" (M2 | BBPOS). In addition, our Step-by-Step Point-of-Sale Payment Guides referenced above are extremely helpful and include screen-by-screen views of what you'll experience when making a point-of-sale payment (Guide for Account Owners | Guide for Event Code Users). In addition, if you haven't already, make sure you check out how to use Cheddar Up's Event Code feature-the easiest way for a team of people to collect POS payments (or scan tickets) on the same collection.