Anytime a collection is created on Cheddar Up, a URL is assigned to it. Your collection's unique URL can be found on the Share step. Organizers can edit the first part of this URL (called the slug) at anytime. 

Edit a collection URL

Take the following steps to edit your collection's URL:

    1. From the Share step, click the "Edit Link" button (found below your URL).
    2. Edit the first part of the URL as you see fit.
    3. Click "Save".

 Organizers can customize the first part (or slug) of the URL:

Pro Tip

We recommend keeping your URL short. If you plan to put the URL in print, we also suggest removing dashes. You want to make it easy for your community to type the URL into a browser.

Common Questions

Can I edit my URL after I share it?

Yes. You can edit a collection URL at any time. In most cases, even after editing your URL, your previously shared URL AND your newly edited URL will both work.

Why doesn't my edited URL seem to be saving?
If you're unable to save a custom URL, it's because that URL is already being used by another Cheddar Up user. In this case, we recommend that you come up with a slight variation and try again.