Once you've built your collection, it's time to share it!  Your payers will not be able to find your collection by visiting cheddarup.com. Instead, you'll need to copy your unique URL and share it via your own communication channels, or send them an invitation email via Cheddar Up (with the link embedded).

Five ways to share a collection

From the Share step, there are five main ways to share your collection, including: 

    1. Share your unique URL: From Share > Link, you can copy your unique URL and share it via social media, email, text message, e-newsletter, website...maybe even via a paper flyer. Whatever you use for normal communication with your group or community...that's a great way to share your unique URL. 
    2. Share with a QR code: From Share > Link, you can quickly generate a QR code that allows you to share your collection page with your community. Simply click the QR code icon to the right of your URL and you'll see your QR code. A QR code is great to include in emails and flyers for easy access.

    3. Share with a Cheddar Up invite: From Share > Invitations, you can use Cheddar Up’s invite feature to type a message and enter emails in which the invitation should be sent. In addition to the custom message that you include, Cheddar Up will also include your unique collection URL. Learn more here
    4. Share with an embedded button: From Share > Website Button, you can embed a "Pay with Cheddar Up" button on your website that will link to your collection. Do this by copying the code snippet provided. 


    5. Share with a POS Code: From Share > POS Code, you can generate a POS Code that will enable you to give others the ability to use the Cheddar Up mobile app to seamlessly accept point-of-sale payments on your collection without needing your account’s email and password. Learn more

Quick Tip

Keep in mind that you can edit your collection url to make it shorter or more recognizable by clicking "Edit Link". Learn more here