All payments made to a collection sit securely in the organizer’s Cheddar Up account until the organizer initiates a withdrawal. This article reviews the two methods for transferring money. It also explains how to link a bank account to withdraw your funds as well as the time frame for funds to clear and transfer.

Two ways to withdraw

On Cheddar Up, you have two ways to transfer funds off of the Cheddar Up platform, which include:

  • Sending to your connected bank account
  • Sending a gift card link

Go here to learn more about sending a gift card link. Read on to learn about transferring funds to a connected bank account. 

Link bank account

Take the following steps to add your bank account to your Cheddar Up account - a necessary step prior to withdrawal. Please note that you may only add either a US or Canada bank account. 

  1. From My Account, select "Withdrawal Settings" from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click "Add Account".
  3. Enter your bank's routing number.
  4. Enter your bank's account number.
  5. Enter a nickname or identifier for this account (since you can add numerous bank accounts, this is a helpful tool for the organizer to distinguish between bank accounts). 
  6. Click "Save".

NOTE: Upon adding a bank account, you'll also need to confirm account control via two-factor authentication. In addition, whenever you add a bank account, for security measures, Cheddar Up will send the organizer an email notifying them of the change. 


It's important that you correctly enter your bank account information for withdrawals to ensure that funds arrive successfully. Cheddar Up requires users to enter bank account information twice for this reason. It can also be a good practice to make an initial small withdrawal to confirm that you entered your bank account information correctly. Cheddar Up is not responsible for lost withdrawals to bank accounts as a result of incorrectly entered bank credentials. 

Initiate a withdrawal to your bank account

There are several places to initiate a withdrawal on Cheddar Up, including the Collections Dashboard or the Manage view. One great thing about Cheddar Up is that all reporting is silo-ed, so there's never a question of where funds came from. This also applies to withdrawals. By design, even withdrawals are done on a collection-by-collection basis so organizers can have better reporting. Wherever you are starting from, take the following steps to initiate a withdrawal: 

  1. Click the "Transfer Money" button.
  2. This opens a global withdrawal view that will list all collections with an available balance. Identify the collection in which you want to make a withdrawal select either "Transfer to Bank".
  3. On the next view, enter the amount to withdraw and select the bank where you want to send the funds.
  4. Click "Transfer to Bank". 

NOTE: Upon making a withdrawal, Cheddar Up will send the organizer a confirmation email confirming the withdrawal. A history of all withdrawals on any given collection can be seen within Manage > Balance Summary.


Prior to making a withdrawal on Cheddar Up, all profile information must be complete. Go here to learn more about completing your profile information.

Note: In some cases, particularly for newer collectors with minimal collecting history, we may request an additional identity verification. This will sometimes utilize our automated verification component, which involves uploading a government ID in combination with a live photo. Information used for this extra verification is deleted after validation is confirmed.

Fund flow time frame

It's important to be aware of all factors that can affect withdrawal timing. These include:

  • Credit card payments take 1-2 business days to process.
  • Echecks (electronic checks) typically take up to 5 business days to process. Please note that echeck processing can be expedited for approved Cheddar Up partners.  
  • Payments will first show as "pending" in the collection's Manage view. 
  • Once payments have processed, their status will change to "cleared"; they'll then be available for withdrawal.
  • Once a withdrawal is initiated, funds deposit to the linked bank account in 1-3 business days (see note below).


If it is imperative that you have funds deposited in your bank by a specific date, please reach out to our Support Team BEFORE setting up your collection.

Reviews of account and transaction activity are conducted at various times, including when a withdrawal is initiated and may result in:

  • Delayed, blocked or canceled transfers.
  • Funds being applied to a negative Cheddar Up account balance or used to offset loss incurred by Cheddar Up, specific to your account.
  • Account suspension or termination.

See it in action: 

Common Questions

Can I withdraw to a savings account?

No. You can only withdraw collected funds into a checking account.

Can withdrawals take longer than 1-3 business days?
Yes. At times, withdrawals can take longer than one to three business days to reach your banking account. While this is rare, it does happen on occasion due to internal compliance and fraud reviews. If you have a question about your withdrawal, please contact Cheddar Up Support.