Flip the order of items and forms

When you create a collection on Cheddar Up, by default, items are shown first. But if you want your form, sign up, or waiver to have more emphasis, you can easily flip the order of how your items and forms are presented. This article shows you how.

Flip the order of items and forms

If you want your community to see your form, sign up, or waiver before being presented with items or the option to make a donation, you can do this by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Build > Forms.
  2. Click the "Display Options" button in the upper right. 
  3. Toggle on "Show Forms before Items" 

After taking these steps, when you preview your collection, you’ll notice that your forms are now presented on the first view of your collection (below your collection banner and/or title). Then, on the second view of your collection (after clicking the orange “continue” button), payers will see your items. 

This is often a great option if you’re soliciting volunteers using a sign up form, but also want to present an optional donation or item as a secondary call to action.