Add settings that incentivize more giving

Whether you’re collecting for a fundraiser or a group gift, why not incentivize payers to give more? Don’t miss out on these features that can help your group reach your collecting goals faster.

Make total collected public

If you want your community to see how much you’ve collected, you can do so with a simple toggle setting within Build > Details. Toggling on the “Make total collected public” setting will show your real-time total collected to anyone who visits your collection page, creating great transparency.  

Show a fundraising goal 

Take sharing your total collected one step further with a fundraising goal. This allows you to set a goal amount and then show your total collected in a progress-bar format compared to your goal. To turn on our progress bar, go to Build > Details and toggle on “Show fundraising goal”.

There’s no better way to get your group across a finish line than to show your progress along the way. Learn more here

Make your payer list public 

Another way to encourage more giving is to show the names of those who have already contributed (not the amounts, just the names). Sometimes a little social influence is all you need to encourage quick payment!

To turn on this feature: 

  1. Go to Build > Details.
  2. Toggle on “Make payer list public”.
  3. Customize the label for your payer list (e.g., Payers, Contributors, Donors, etc.), which will then be reflected on your collection page.