Are you a Girl Scout troop or service unit leader or volunteer whose council has partnered with Cheddar Up? If so, watch the Quick Tutorial below to learn how to use your council's custom tools and make collecting payments and information for your troop or service unit easier than ever. 

Start collecting online with ease

Watch this Quick Tutorial and you'll be an expert at using Cheddar Up. Cheddar Up has built-in product image and form libraries specific to your council. And some councils (be sure to check with yours) allow troops to also use Cheddar Up's mobile apps and Bluetooth card readers for product program point of sale, allowing troops to keep all funds and revenue tracked and collected in one place. In this tutorial, you'll learn:

  • How to activate your troop's special Cheddar Up account
  • How to create a collection page
  • Features you won't want to miss 


Common Questions

How do I have a welcome email resent?

If you can't find your special welcome email that allows you to activate your account, or if you accidentally created an account without your council's special tools, please contact our Support team at and they can assist!

How do I use Cheddar Up if I manage more than one troop?
If you are managing more than one Girl Scout troop or service unit account, you will want to create a separate Cheddar Up account for each troop and/or service unit. You will need to use a different email address for each separate Cheddar Up account. You can also consider having your co-leader or treasurer be the Account Owner for one of the accounts, or as mentioned above, you can use a different email account if you expect to be the Account Owner on multiple accounts. Please contact our Support team at for assistance!