The Basics

Get started... Learn the basics of Cheddar Up and watch the how-to video

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Get started with help from the experts. Sign up to attend an upcoming webinar!

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Schedule a Call

Have a question? Need help? We'd love to talk. Pick a time that works for you.

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Creating a Collection

Find tips and tricks to help you create a collection for just about anything.

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Sharing a Collection

Here we explain the options for sharing your collection so you can start collecting!

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Managing a Collection

Everything you need to know about managing your collections

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Receiving Funds

Everything you need to know about getting your $ in your bank account

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Always free for the collector. Learn more about Cheddar Up fees.

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My Account

Need to make a change to your account? Find the answers here.

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Payment Methods

Learn more about payment methods available for your community

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Advanced Features

Become a Cheddar Up pro! Put our advanced features to work.

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Making a Payment

A seamless paying experience for just about anything. Learn more.

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Recurring Payments

Let payers commit to regular scheduled payments that happen behind the scenes

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Perfect for permission slips or policies. Let your community sign electronically.

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Multiple Account Managers

Invite others to help manage your account and control manager permissions.

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Point-of-Sale Payments

Tips and recommendations for easy in-person payments

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Account Verification

Understanding the steps and information required to verify your account.

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Send messages and reminders to your payers and invitees

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Two-Factor Authentication

Add your mobile phone number for an added layer of account security

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Sample Sales

Answers for Stylists, Ambassadors and Trunk Keepers who sell samples with Cheddar Up

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Video Tutorials

Selling on Cheddar Up

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The Basics

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The Team Plan

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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy

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ACH Payment Terms

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